“The Luther Greenwood Festival is a fantastic platform for young performers to hone their craft in the presence of some of the country’s leading musical minds. The festival creates a safe and supportive atmosphere that encourages young singers of all backgrounds to realise their musical potential. I still draw on my experiences at the festival to this, and I am sure I will in the years to come.”

Jack Bowtell

Vocal student at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama/BBC National Chorus of Wales Scholar

“I have really enjoyed competing in the Colne Music Festival, on the recorder, flute, and singing! I have also sung in the festival with Pendle Youth and Children’s choir for many years, and I really enjoyed getting feedback for all the performances. It was wonderful to do what I love on stage, and get feedback for it. Thank you!”

Eleanor Tomlinson

Finalist in Pendle Young Musicians’ Bursary scheme, 2017. Currently studying the recorder at Birmingham Conservatoire

“When I was a kid, I was useless at sports, bad at maths, and had very little confidence in my ability to actually win anything. Singing was the one time I felt that I could actually express myself and be successful. Singing and theatre became my lifelong passions, and Colne Festival played a huge part in that. Anyone can get involved, build their confidence and work on becoming great singers, and be part of a great community.”

Evonne Beardsworth

“I have supported the festival with soloists and choirs (male voice, children, teenagers) for nearly 30 years – pretty much annually – so possibly thousands!

To be a footballer you play, compete and listen to your coach. The same for running, swimming etc. Music is the same.

From performing you learn your trade and more importantly about yourself; self discipline, need for practice, sociability, confidence, communication, acceptance/use of criticism/ dress sense, control of nerves, deportment…the list is endless.

One 30-plus young man, James Hopkinson, wrote to me: “I never thanked you and although 20 odd years late I will. I teach in China and yesterday something went wrong and the organiser said speak to them! Suddenly I was telling hundreds of Chinese teenagers about the choir and standing on the Muni stage at Colne Festival when I was about 9-10 years old and facing my nerves. They listened, I sang an example, they applauded. Thank you Colne Festivals!”

David Wilkinson

Vocal tutor and conductor Pendle Youth Choir